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This page is devoted to practical mathematics activities and exercises you may do at home or in the class.  All activities are related to real - life situations and support practical application of mathematical knowledge in our daily life. In here you can find a collection of solved questions as well as step-by-step explanations and solutions to varieties of problems. In this section we are focussing on Mathematics itself. Mathematical skills and understanding as well as the way to go about gaining the correct respond is the goal for all the activities.

Questioning and reasoning, analysis and interpretation is the main criteria in this section. In here students can show their interpretation of a graph, table, calculation, explanation etc. Analytical skills will be straighten through comparing and analyzing. You will be asked to reflect on your answer and examine its reasonableness in terms of the context of the problem.
Where the task asks for limitations of a model, the students ability to give insightful reasons is included.
As all the other sections, this one is closely related to Tutorial, Worksheets and Games and Activities pages.


File Name Download link
Absolute Value Function Practice Sheet download
Deductive Geometry - Solved Examples download
Difference of Two Squares Investigation download
Equation of a Line Investigation (Algebra) download
Exploration - Linear Graphs, Grades 10-11 download
Geometric Series Exploration download
Geometric Series Investigation download
Linear Function Word Problems download
Maximizing Area Investigation, Grades 10-11 download
Quadratic Equations word problems Solved Examples download
Quardratic Equations Word Problems, Solved Examples 1 download
Quardratic Equations Word Problems, Solved Examples 2 download
Quardratic Equations Word Problems, Solved Examples 3 download
Quardratic Equations Word Problems, Solved Examples 4 download
Reciprocal Functions Investigation download
Surface Area of Cylinders and Spheres Investigation download
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