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In this section parents, teachers and students can find detailed explanations per different Mathematics topis. Most of the documents consist of:

  • Theory part - it gives complete and simple explanation of the related topic
  • Summary of the topic - it can be used for quick reference and support material during practice and revision
  • Worked Samples - main types of questions related to the topic with step by step solutions and explanations to help users consolidate their learning
Every document is supported with worksheets and practice papers, which can be found in the respective pages of our website. Also available for download are questions with worked solutions.

Absolute Value Function

Angle Theorems Geometry

Area of Circle, Sector, Annulus Geometry

Area of Composite Figures Geometry

Area of Composite Shapes Geometry

Arithmetics Series Algebra

Continuity of a function

Cubic Function

Cubic Function Transformations

Data Collection

Deductive Geometry

Domain and Range

Geometric Series_Algebra

Geometry Exploration Angles and Shapes

Graphing Abs.Value Function

Inverse Function

Linear Programming

Reciprocal Functions

Relations and Functions



Steam and Leaf Plot

Sum of a Geometric Series_Algebra

Sum of a Geometric Series Sigma Notation

sum to Infinity  Algebra

Sum of Arithmetics Series Algebra

Sum of Arithmetics Series Sigma Notation

Surface Area and Volume Geometry

Surface Area of Cylinders and Spheres Geometry

Trigonometric Function Sine curve

Trigonometric Function Tan curve

Types of Probability Samples

Volume and Surface Area Geometry Summary

Volume of Composite Solids Geometry

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