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Here you can find varieties of worksheets related to different Math topics. Most of the documents are prepared to serve as supplements to the material posted at the Tutorial Section of the website. You'll find a useful link between the Worksheets and Practice Papers Section.
All the questions are organized in accending order of difficulty to much the individual learning needs of different students. They are easy to divide or use simultaneously to support differentiated activities in the classroom.

Customized by grade level and topic, our Worksheet collection consists of brief theory explanation which leads to direct, short-answer and multi-strand questions. Multiple-Choice questions are involved to support your preparation for external and university entrance examinations.


Areas of Composite Figures (Geometry)

Areas of Composite Shapes 1 (Geometry)

Area of Composite Shapes 2 (Geometry)

Deductive Geometry - Quadrilaterals

Deductive Geometry - Triangles

Geometric Series

Linear Function - Word Problems

Linear Programming 1

Linear Programming 2

Linear Programming 3

Linear Programming 4

Permutations and Combinations

Quadratic Equations - Word Problems

Reciprocal Functions 1

Reciprocal Functions 2

Relations and Functions


Sum of Arithmetic Series - Sigma Notation

Sum of Arithmetic Series - Word Problems

Sum of Arithmetic Series

Sum of Geometric Series

Surds - Addition and Subtraction

Surface Area and Volume (Geometry)

Surface Area of Cylinders and Spheres (Geometry)

Volume and Surface Area - Summary

Volume of Composite Solids 1 (Geometry)

Volume of Composite Solids 2 (Geometry)

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